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The art had a nice amount of cubism in there, and I don't think I've seen much of that at all in animation before. It's a lot harder to make non-realistic perspective work in animation when you expect things to move in familiar ways. So, idk where anyone thinks they've seen stuff similar to this before. It's good stuff.
Also, I love me some good rihanna lyrics.

dylan responds:

"heartbreakers gonna break, break, break
and the fakers gonna fake, fake, fake"

- beyoncé, 2014

This has some really great shape and form and motion going on. Part of the point of art, I think, is to take abstract human concepts and emotions and try to reconstruct them in a different form, and there's no point in limiting that form to concrete, obvious storylines. There are other ways to reconstruct feelings.

Minus 0.5 stars, not enough rings on it

dylan responds:

"if you liked it then you should've put a ring on it"

- beyoncé, 2008

I thought you did a really great job with this! I watched it first from the thing you uploaded to dumping grounds, so there was no description, and I think it presented its message clearly without the need for explanation, so don't worry about that! So you've got an interesting concept going for you, an interesting way of presenting it, really nice art and really good movement (without too high of a frame rate, but honestly I think a higher frame rate would actually take away from the final product in this case.) You've certainly earned your daily feature and a 5/5 from me.

dylan responds:

Thanks, Dave! Glad you liked the art, that nose style I've been using started because I thought the noses you and Francis had been doing were totally awesome.

Now I just gotta do my sarcastic head turn. Wait til you see the idea I have, it's so sarcastic that it's sincere

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Pretty good

Lol, I see you used my game engine :D

...anyway good game I suppose. You might want to consider making the maxJump and walljumpBounce a little higher because, as some of the reviewers said, there's a bit too much space from wall to wall.

As for the art, well yeah, it's lacking, but I looked at your user page and it's your first game submission, so it's pretty good for a first game.

Also, the gameplay could be a little more exciting. Currently there isn't much to it - just walking and collecting the "lums". It would be better if there were, say, enemies, or if you had a more difficult time getting to your goal.

Overall though, it is a pretty good game. 3/5, 7/10

Bjorvy responds:

Thanks for the review! Yeah, I'm gonna remake the game from scratch, but I'll use your engine. It will ofcourse have enemies and bosses and such.

Pretty good.

That was very entertaining. I wish it were a bit longer though.

pretty good...

I love the faces, especially the box, but it would be better if you added a "save" button, so that it actually does something.

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This brought a tear to my eye :')

Chongo responds:

Glad you of all people enjoyed it.

Marry me, by the way.


The ending is awesome. By the way, what type of percussion is that at around 1:50? It sounds really neat and unique :)

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Looks good! Do you think you'll try this out in an upcoming animation?

JerrodStorm responds:

Yeah, I was experimenting around with the aesthetics for my Round 2 entry(assuming I'll make it). I'm not cheating, I promise! I haven't animated anything, or even drawn much beyond what you see here.

I'm an artist and programmer. I make websites, music, paintings, games, apps, and of course, animations.

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