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Too real. Have you tried Blender's grease pencil?

Also, in case this happens to anyone else: a .fla is secretly a zipped folder! Rename it to a .zip and extract it and you can see all the internals. A corrupt file is usually due to there being invalid XML somewhere in a symbol or the timeline. It takes a lot of effort but you can keep moving frames/library items out of the project folder until Flash thinks it can open the project again to narrow down the offending content, and then put the rest back. I salvaged a lot of work on a NATA entry in 2012 that way.

renaissancekid responds:

Wow! Ill keep this in mind!! God bless your soul man! :) Ill try it out when I get a chance next time! Also as for the Grease pencil, I have yet to try it. I've been busy on one software for a while I never actually took the opportunity to try it yet. Im open to trying it though.

The animation is really smooth and the detail you put into the shading (e.g. the spots and blemishes on the dinosaurs' skin) adds a lot of depth. Great work!

DarkGosp responds:

Thank you very much, I really appreciate your comment! And it’s cool that there are people who notice these little details. I think they’re really important :D

You got a laugh out of me with this one. I'm getting some great Lonely Island vibes from this. Good stuff!

HarveySeasalt responds:

Thanks dude! They’re definitely heroes of mine so that means alot. Appreciate it

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Pretty good

Lol, I see you used my game engine :D

...anyway good game I suppose. You might want to consider making the maxJump and walljumpBounce a little higher because, as some of the reviewers said, there's a bit too much space from wall to wall.

As for the art, well yeah, it's lacking, but I looked at your user page and it's your first game submission, so it's pretty good for a first game.

Also, the gameplay could be a little more exciting. Currently there isn't much to it - just walking and collecting the "lums". It would be better if there were, say, enemies, or if you had a more difficult time getting to your goal.

Overall though, it is a pretty good game. 3/5, 7/10

Bjorvy responds:

Thanks for the review! Yeah, I'm gonna remake the game from scratch, but I'll use your engine. It will ofcourse have enemies and bosses and such.

Pretty good.

That was very entertaining. I wish it were a bit longer though.

pretty good...

I love the faces, especially the box, but it would be better if you added a "save" button, so that it actually does something.

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This brought a tear to my eye :')

Chongo responds:

Glad you of all people enjoyed it.

Marry me, by the way.


The ending is awesome. By the way, what type of percussion is that at around 1:50? It sounds really neat and unique :)

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This is great! The pose is natural, the line work is sharp and detailed, and you've done a good job on the shading, especially with the softer shading on the skin. To give one piece of constructive criticism (not that it really detracts from this work though): less detail in the background is good but maybe watch out for backgrounds getting too "blobby" at the edges of the brush strokes. Good luck in the art contest!

WigglyPickle responds:

Thank you so much! And for the background, this is actually the most I've ever done for any background. I'm really unpracticed and kind of don't like doing backgrounds but thought I better try for this contest. I am working on improving though and your advise helps!

Looks good! Do you think you'll try this out in an upcoming animation?

TravelSizedLions responds:

Yeah, I was experimenting around with the aesthetics for my Round 2 entry(assuming I'll make it). I'm not cheating, I promise! I haven't animated anything, or even drawn much beyond what you see here.

I'm a computer graphics programmer who occasionally still makes art.

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