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NATA Sarcastic Creatures Collab

Posted by Pahgawk - June 18th, 2014

Hey guys! The NATA Sarcastic Creatures Collab is starting! If you want to make something for that, PM me an animation with a creature of some sort (720x405, 24fps) by next week and I'll add you in!

update: Here's my entry:


In other news I just had my last ever class of high school. I've got exams for the next week so I'm really busy and haven't actually watched any of the NATA entries yet, and I might have to delay doing so for a week. BUT THEN I'M DOOOOONE WATERLOO HERE I COME

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I also finished high school as well as do summer work

my friend

I haven't gone into the serious serious part of high school yet - that's for next year. Enlighten me - how much dick is it gonna suck

honestly it's not much dick at all, it just means less time for side projects.

good luck with exams, you may thing its tough right now but wait till you get out to the real world. its hell out here my friend

it's pretty manageable, really, it just means shoving everything else aside for a while. Real world will be touch though for sure

Remember, Σt = Iα

you mean I have to animate even more animals for this crazy critters collab? geez can't I just send you my nata toon? it's already got anywhere from like 1-3 animals in it

We require no less than four for this collab!

sign me up! again!

Yeah! Another sarcastic collab! Count me in! :D

Does it have to loop? I'm new to this. And does the creature have to do something sarcastic?

Doesn't have to loop! Mine doesn't. It can if you want to though. It doesn't really have to be too sarcastic either, but often the more sarcastic you make it the funnier it ends up being. Like in the sarcastic head turn one, one of my favorites was Brewster's and it had a head turning but leaving the eyes behind, which then slowly and awkwardly tween back into place.

I'm in for this one. wanted to do the last one but didn't have any ideas

Im totally doing this if you will let me! :D

ok i sent the pm with the movie in it too you :D