What I'm up to now (NATA, Skills Canada, university)

2014-05-08 16:20:45 by Pahgawk

The title of this may have been misleading. I'm not doing NATA this year, and here is my reasoning: I've been spending a lot of time making videos in one month, and there is always a limit to what can be accomplished in that time. There were themes from my NATA entries last year that I think I could have done more with in a different context. So, I'd like to spend more time on something and see a concept through to the end with more detail and attention. I've been doing little bits and pieces for that recently.

That'll take a while, though, so in the mean time, I'm available to help with music or consult story or something for NATA if you think that'd be useful. I'll also continue to run collabs in between rounds like the ones from last year. For the uninitiated, the idea is that we give a simple action or animation concept and then you make a short little loop about that. Don't worry about it not being super great quality, the point is for it to be a quick, fun little side project. In the NATA skype group we've decided the theme for the first one will likely have something to do with head turns. More details on that as the NATA deadline for the first round nears.

For the past few days, I've been in Waterloo, Ontario competing in the Skills Canada animation competition. You go there in teams of two and have around five hours to animate to an audio clip (similar to the 11 second club, except sometimes they want it shorter or longer depending on how they feel.) I've been going with luuuka and here are some of the things we've made:


This is our video from the regional competition. I made the half of the scenes and Luka made half. We also couldn't install our tablet drivers so we were stuck in mouse mode, eughh.


This is our video from provincials. I animated the guy and the planes, Luka animated the girl and drew the backgrounds. The animatic we had to submit along with the video is available here on my alternate youtube channel, where animation tests and school assignments go to die.


These are pretty fun to make so there will maybe be more later. 

I've also officially accepted my offer to the University of Waterloo's Software Engineering program, so I'll be there in the fall! Is there anyone else on Newgrounds currently there or will be later?

Lastly, I've started making music again, although right now I'm going through remaking some older things that I've done. This is mainly a way to get me back thinking creatively after coming out of a not-so-great period. More original stuff will happen eventually.

Talk to you guys later!

(also I'll be 18 by the Ontario election in June so I can vote. oh god, the responsibility)


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2014-05-08 17:25:43

Cool to see you still making stuff! Have you been doing much programming lately or saving that for school?

Pahgawk responds:

Yep, there's been some stuff!

I had made a graphing calculator program before, but now it works better and can calculate derivatives: http://pahgawks.com/math/

In an attempt to learn Perl and also cheat at a silly word game on my phone, I made this thing to find all the words in a database that can be made from the letters and quantities of letters specified: http://pahgawks.com/wordsplease/

Then for fun I had made this planetary physics simulator in Actionscript: http://www.pahgawks.com/orbit/

I'm probably going to leave it be until school starts though, unless a need comes up. Time to get back into animation!


2014-05-08 21:20:34

you program too?? #Superstar

(Updated ) Pahgawk responds:

awwwwhhh yeeeeeeahhh.

...actually though I just need two hobbies so that if I get tired of one I can switch to the other and then go back and forth. It's fun.


2014-05-08 23:09:27

Sorry to see you're not throwing your top hat in the ring for NATA this year, but looking forward to your future work and doing the in-between NATA collabs!

Pahgawk responds:

thanks! Are you doing NATA this year? If so I look forward to seeing more of your stuff. the things you made last year were great!


2014-05-09 03:36:39

I think you should win NATA

Pahgawk responds:

haha well there are plenty more qualified people than me, but thanks!


2014-05-09 19:10:59

Oh so you won't do NATA cause a month isn't long enough, but you'll take part in a five hour competition? Geez dave, double standard much? I'm starting to think you just don't want to hang out with us anymore. 0/5, not even sarcastic

Pahgawk responds:

It's actually just that there aren't enough bad jokes per minute with you guys any more. Sorry, I had to leave you to go to somewhere with a lower-quality sense of humour. I MUST GO TO MY PEOPLE

(seriously though, doing really short stuff is sort of liberating. Hence the need for the NATA collabs!)


2014-05-09 21:36:32

cool, nice works, do more!

Pahgawk responds:



2014-05-12 20:04:59

Yes sir, hoping to make the deadline at least, have a couple side projects in mind too Thanks man, I really appreciate that!