New Showreel and Website

2013-10-06 18:48:16 by Pahgawk

Well, it doesn't look like I'm going to get around to making any new animations for at least a few months because I actually have to apply to universities now and write essays for that. This requires more attention than usual essays because I only get to write one per place (mostly) and this'll affect the next few years of my life. So, making a showreel now is sort of my way of acknowledging to myself that this is it for 2013. However, expect new stuff after university applications are done, since I'll have more free time.

Other news: I redid my website again. This is primarily to make it easier for me to nicely advertise the more programming-related things I've made, since that seems to be the path I'm setting myself up for. Also, the bright yellows from the old version of the site were getting a liiiittle old (but never too old. Highlighter colour will always be hip. Kids these days say "hip", right?)

An update on the HTML/CSS/Javascript Newgrounds media player I made last week: The source is now available and (partially) documented on GitHub, if you feel like taking a look or extending it at all.

So hopefully I won't be gone for six months like I was after last year's NATA. But also if I have to disappear for a bit to get things done, hopefully it'll be understandable.


New Showreel and Website


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2013-10-06 19:21:24

Amazing showreel and truly awesome website :)
Nice work buddy!

Pahgawk responds:



2013-10-06 20:46:39

Great show-reel man, good luck with those essays.

Pahgawk responds:

thanks! I will have to really flourish my linguistic arts skills and make classy dick jokes. ...or not.


2013-10-06 21:09:33

I want you Dave.

Pahgawk responds:



2013-10-06 21:46:36

You should totally get some job in art

Pahgawk responds:

I want to have art included in some way in whatever I end up doing, but I don't think I'd really be able to ever do something that's JUST art. I like math and logic and programming too much.


2013-10-07 04:04:12

you're a damn good animator at 17. Keep doin what you do!

Pahgawk responds:



2013-10-07 09:59:09

Your site needs some parallax!

Pahgawk responds:

I hear the 90s look is coming back into style too. Source:


2013-10-07 16:00:26

I am a sucker for the neon pink "Bangerz" logo but that part of it is more 80s.

Pahgawk responds:

It's "retro." Also the weed was a nice touch. Did you try clicking on the weed? It spawns even more weed.

I'm really confused since apparently this is the actual legit website


2013-10-08 01:55:40

Congrats on probably going to college in the nearish future!

In other news, whachya doin with that there left hand, Dave?

Pahgawk responds:

haha well applications just start now, I've still got the rest of grade 12 to go through first!

Oh and also this is what my hand is ACTUALLY doing, according to photoshop's content-aware fill:


2013-10-08 10:45:46

The site looks sleek and usable, though everything's really big and spaced out, takes a long time to browse down. Nice showreel.

As for the music player, could I use it on my site? Never stumbled upon an MIT license, but I guess it's just like CC, free for all. What form of credit would you prefer, if any, if it is in fact free to use?

Pahgawk responds:

thanks! Big and spaced out is sort of what I was going for since I felt like everything was too small and cramped before. I might back out on that design decision later, since it does mean lots of scrolling. We'll see where it goes.

And yep, sure of course! I was going to go for a CC license actually, but they said on their website that they're not made for software, and the MIT one seemed pretty reasonable. As far as adding it to your site goes, the smaller, visualizerless one is probably the way to go in terms of ease of use, since I put the source file for the audio tag in the HTML rather than the javascript. Let me know if you need any more information about how to get it working!


2013-12-11 19:07:54

Did you ever get into a University? I just got into mine...well sorta. But, anyway take your time and good luck man.

Pahgawk responds:

Ooh, congrats! What did you get into?

I've got acceptances from Queens computer engineering and Waterloo computer science and Carleton software engineering so far. It's still fairly early though so I'm holding off until I hear back from Waterloo software engineering before making any choices.