Random Bad Jokes site

2013-09-01 21:17:42 by Pahgawk

I present to you: The Random Bad Joke Database! Basically, it's a website to get bad jokes from. If you guys want to help add your own bad jokes to the database, it's really simple, and would be greatly appreciated!

So, about this project.

Those who know me personally know that I love bad jokes to a fault.

As this was my last free weekend before school, I figured I should probably take the time to do some more programming. Logical, right? But anyway, the last thing I made, CoolStory, was made entirely in Javascript, so there was no backend at all, and it ended up being a lot less practically useful than I had hoped. I wanted to do make something with a database this time and with a simpler purpose, so a random bad joke site seemed like a good thing to make.

- Reloading the website takes you to a new bad joke randomly selected from the database. Pressing the “Random Joke” button does the same but uses AJAX to load in the next joke to minimize requests.
- Press the “Flag as Inappropriate” button to mark a joke as being spam, offensive, or not actually a joke. If a joke is flagged by enough people, it will be automatically deleted.
- Add your own bad jokes to the site without having to create an account. A maximum of ten jokes added per day is imposed per IP address to help prevent spam. If you really feel like adding more, though, just message me.
- There is a page showing every joke that has been submitted by your IP address. You are given the option to update your jokes.
- The site has been built responsively and should work fine on mobile devices and stuff.

So yep, that's what I've been up to recently. Go check it out.

Random Bad Jokes site


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2013-09-01 21:31:53

You've outdone yourself, Dave.

Like, I wanted to say something witty here, but my sarcastic abilities have been sapped by these amazingly bad jokes.

Pahgawk responds:

I'm not sure whether to be proud or horrified of this creation...


2013-09-01 22:07:41

Be proud. Very proud. Your coding is commendable.

Pahgawk responds:

haha, thanks!


2013-09-01 22:11:01


Pahgawk responds:

oh goodness, is this your creation?


2013-09-01 22:20:44


Pahgawk responds:

How very punny. It'll fit right in! Thanks for your contribution!


2013-09-01 22:45:01

You know what sucks? I forgot how to use HTML, CSS and PHP :(

Pahgawk responds:

Aww man :( Well, it's the sort of thing that probably isn't too hard to get back into if you make silly little things like this every once in a while!


2013-09-02 00:03:07

lol all what I get are jokes that make no sense! seems like someone was stoned!

(Updated ) Pahgawk responds:

Haha well I'm not really in control of what people post to this, but there are punny jokes and more "clever" ones if you keep going! But make sure to flag the dumb ones. If a few people flag them, they'll get removed.


2013-09-02 04:13:56

You gonna make any other animations before the next nata

Pahgawk responds:

I know I said this last year and ended up doing NATA anyway, but I think (more seriously this time) that I won't do NATA again. I want to try doing animations that aren't on a deadline. So that will probably mean you'll see less animations from me, but hopefully higher-quality ones since I can take more time. So yes, expect more animations eventually.


2013-09-02 14:29:56

Awesome man. I bookmarked it.
Also, nice simple design.

Pahgawk responds:



2013-09-02 17:05:13

Good work; some of them are actually worth laughing at (one of my favourites http://pahgawks.com/badjokes/?joke=30 ).
Here's one of my (abominable) two cents http://pahgawks.com/badjokes/?joke=168

Pahgawk responds:

haha nice one!


2013-09-03 07:56:12

Cute site, well done!

Pahgawk responds:



2013-09-03 08:24:09

I contributed a few. Here's one of them: http://pahgawks.com/badjokes/index.php?joke=181

Pahgawk responds:

Very classy :) Thanks for your contribution!


2013-09-03 10:51:57

On mobile there needs some bottom/top margin between the random and flag button. Otherwise it resizes quite well.

Pahgawk responds:

Woops, right you are., thanks for catching that (I guess I didn't test it quite small enough to break the buttons onto two lines). Should be fixed now.