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2013-07-07 09:42:24 by Pahgawk

The deadline for the NATA Pro Round passed this week, and I submitted something for that! You may have missed it, but you can see it here. It's called Narcissus and here are my thoughts on it:
- I really like how it turned out visually. I was afraid that doing it lineless would take too long like it did last year with Until It's Gone, but I made some changes and now it's as fast as regular animation.
- The animation turned out better than I expected as well, so that was nice.
- The plot was kind of pointless. However, I don't entirely regret this, since last month I kind of forced myself to marinate in sadness because I had to work on something sad for an extended period of time and I wanted a break from that. I don't want to do another meaningless movie any time soon, though, so I'm going to have to strike a balance of some sort.
- The music worked well. Last time I tried to make a comedy, Until It's Gone, the music and plot ended up so bland that I reworked it all to make it sad again. This time the music made it seem less bland, and that was good.
I'm not confident that I'll make it through NATA, and if I do happen to I know I won't be winning it again, but so far this year has proved to be useful already, so I am ok with that.

Next up: I'm kind of starting to make animation tutorials. The first one I made is a brief demonstration of how I did that little ripple effect in Narcissus.

I'm not sure if this will become a regular thing that I do or not. It won't for a little bit, anyway, because as you can tell I'm not that great at making these. If you want me to try to teach or explain (read: ramble about) something about animation, and you accept the fact that it's me that'll be making it, you can let me know and I will maybe try.

Lastly: Work is interesting, as usual. I work at a summer camp, and I generally get home late and too tired to work on things. So if I do make it to the next round of NATA, that'll be interesting to juggle. It might actually be a little bit of a relief if I don't, although if I do, of course I will make it work somehow. We'll see how it goes.


NATA, Tutorials, Work


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2013-07-07 10:44:21

Nice tutorial. I'd be up for a series of these if you felt like it... just go easy on the puns.. xD

(Updated ) Pahgawk responds:

Haha well I think what I'll do from now on is stick the bad joke after a credits card of some sort at the end so that most people will stop watching or something.


2013-07-07 11:43:09

I marinate all my chickens in sadness before cooking them, the salt from the tears really adds to the flavor. Thanks for the tutorial! 7a7142ea6331f3144ae316

Pahgawk responds:

Really brings out the flavor, doesn't it?

Also, lookin' fiiiine. Is that drawing of the face from your collab entry, maybe? :)


2013-07-07 16:37:13

I think that since you know this you should be confident in Nata


2013-07-07 23:07:11

Nice Tutorial dude, but that I think I don't get the joke at the end ! like if I even care about the joke !
I was her to check the tutorial! XD

Pahgawk responds:

Haha don't worry about the joke at the end, it is irrelevant to the rest of the tutorial :)


2013-07-08 00:46:15

I gotta same it, I'm jealous you got to start blooming in animation so well. I love your toons and the tutorials help :) thanks.


2013-07-08 01:52:06

Hey very useful tutorials! i never learned how to correctly use masks, thanks ;)


2013-07-09 10:14:25

Great tutorial, always learning new stuff:D