Video from Skills Canada Provincials (we won)

2013-05-08 21:37:49 by Pahgawk

I just got back from Waterloo where Luka and I came first in the Skills Canada2D Animation Competition. We were given the line from Monty Python that you hear at the end of the video and had to make an animation about it. I'm very pleased with the results.

So in a few weeks I'll be going to Vancouver for the national level. In the meantime, I have a metric shit tonne of work to do. I might even not end up finishing a video for NATA. I knew it was going to be difficult if I entered NATA this year, and it is definitely proving to be difficult. I'm going to try to stay above the water, but I apologize in advance if I can't make it this year.



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2013-05-08 21:43:48

How long did you guys have to make that animation. Also, I believe in you!

Pahgawk responds:

We had from 8:30 in the morning (I think) to 3:30 in the afternoon with a mandatory half hour lunch break in the middle. We also had to make full storyboards that we were marked on as well as character model sheets and such in that time. Also, thanks, I'll try!


2013-05-08 22:01:30

But those colors

Pahgawk responds:

less colours = less time spent colouring.
The things time constraints do to me.


2013-05-08 22:14:30

Really hope you enter NATA and get everything else done as well!
Hmmm, the boss' voice is very familiar... Max Gilardi, the hotdiggedydemon dude, who up and abandoned NG for YT?

Pahgawk responds:

Unfortunately I don't know Max. That's my partner, Luka (luuuka here on Newgrounds) who did that voice. He also also animated the first half of the video (up until the spatula in the drawer.)


2013-05-08 22:27:42

Stay gold, Pahgawk.


2013-05-09 00:20:49

Heyy man! I'm one of the guys who won the 3D animation competition in OTSC

We'll both be on Team Ontario this year, CONGRATS

Pahgawk responds:

Congrats to you, too! Is your video up anywhere? I didn't get a chance to see most of the 3D ones.


2013-05-09 00:21:33

Ah...sorry about that I only meant to post that once....

Pahgawk responds:

No problem, I cleaned it up for you :)


2013-05-09 00:46:38

Wow! You have awesome skills :) Good luck in your projects!
And congrats man :D