Animating again, sort of.

2013-03-15 16:54:02 by Pahgawk

I don't want to say that I'm going back to making five-minute shorts, because I'm not (or at least not yet.) I did make this, however:

I haven't uploaded it to Newgrounds as a portal video because I feel like it's maybe a little too small. Like, it's not the same quality as my other stuff, and didn't intend to be, so I suppose I don't want to tarnish my account with it or something. That is because it is really just a video to get me animating after a half-year hiatus. This started as an entry for the Toronto Animated Image Society's "UFO Jam", but since it ended up being longer than 10 seconds (the maximum time for entries to TAIS jams), it's too long for that but too short for a "normal" video. Oh well.

Hopefully I'll start work on a more legitimate project soon.

Aaaaawwwwww yeeeeeah

Animating again, sort of.


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2013-03-15 18:46:27

Please upload it! It's great! We'll all love it and vote 5! (At least I will...)


2013-03-15 21:03:31

There was more FBF animation in that one cartoon, than, say, a dozen random animations from the Portal! It had a beginning middle and end. (Gotta love the hit and miss engine videos that pop-up after the video's through!)
Most producers here rush through things and don't take the time to render good concepts. Glad you're in the minority :)


2013-03-17 01:58:56

It's a great little piece. Well done sound, smooth animation, nice score, and a quick joke. Unfortunately, I could definitely see it getting the deluge of "Not long enough. ZERO!" votes/reviews from people that don't seem to understand what goes into an animation. If you decide against uploading it, I'd suggest keeping it for a compilation piece in the future should you decide to make any more shorts.