Voice actor needed to play Death!

2012-09-18 22:19:43 by Pahgawk

Ok so it's the NATA final round, and I am in need of a voice actor!

The general plot of the story is that a guy dies and meets death, and has to choose between remaining a ghost or moving on. However, he's a bit in denial, so he and Death test that he's dead, argue about it, etc, until eventually the conversation ends up about Death himself, and it turns out that he has problems with sadness and depression, too. I won't spoil the ending because that would be bad.

But, that said, I'm in need of someone who wants to voice Death for me. You'd have to be dramatic at first, but be able to break down a bit near the end while still sounding like Death might. If you're interested and have a demo reel or something you want me to listen to (or have a video you're in or something like that), let me know!




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2012-09-18 22:24:32

Heck, id do it if youd like.


2012-09-18 23:15:49

Oh shi! Sounds like a great idea.


2012-09-18 23:19:24

If you're interested, I got a demo reel over on my page for 2012. I do some voices that are more darker sounding that could sound like Death, but most of of the garbage in there is just random voices that probably wouldn't fit for anything. lol.

AND what's funny in that a movie I'm making now, there's also Death in it as a main character... neat.


2012-09-19 00:00:29

Would like to audition. Will have something to show tomorrow.


2012-09-19 00:41:31

And now I have an audition on my page. Tried to sound booming and biblical. Hope it works.


2012-09-19 02:23:42

Hey, sounds fun!

Here's a link to my demo: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/478819


2012-09-19 11:12:44

RicePirate RicePirate RicePirate :P


2012-09-19 14:16:51

I can do death if you need. You know how I work


2012-09-19 14:47:28

I'd love to play death. Post some lines and I'll give you a demo :D Pm me!


2012-09-19 20:30:45

Message me I can do it


2012-10-23 21:19:44

If ur still looking I would like to tkae a crack at it.