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I'm an artist and programmer. I make websites, music, paintings, games, apps, and of course, animations.

Dave Pagurek @Pahgawk

23, Male

Ottawa, Canada

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This end of a chapter seems sad, but that must not be the case. As you get more professional do you find you still have so much energy and enthusiasm for what will be your new phase in life? I mean, I've enjoyed a lot of your animations, mostly because they gave me the impression being very personal labors. Like a lot of thought and feeling was put in them.

Although every project I program isn't as feeling-based as things like animations are, I guess I find putting lots of feeling into everything all the time can really drain a person. So hopefully by making animations a lot more sparsely, it'll end up keeping more enthusiasm in everything than there was previously by finding better balance and reducing burnout.

even though you told me how to correctly pronounce pahgawk like a year ago, I'll still always pronounce it pag-ock

You say to-may-to, I say to-mah-to....

Good luck with your programming course! I'm sure you will do very well. It was great to see your progression both for your website and your animations. Your creations have really set the bar for me and the other NATA participants, especially as you are younger than I am!

Thanks! I'm glad to have left an impression :)

I know how you feel Dave. New chapters in life are scary but always worth the risk. I wish you the best of luck with programming and school.

thanks! It's some strange new stuff but with the potential to be really good so hopefully it'll go that way.

The last paragraph sounded a bit sad but since university is the best thing that happened in my life (actually, it's still happening) I think you'll do just great as well. Good luck, man! :)

It's a little sad but also pretty exciting, overall I'm looking forward to it. Thanks!


cool cool cool.

all the best in your studies


In the bounce collab, in the game first entry, right click and press play. Then you reenter the collab but with the game turned on on top of any other entry! Neat Easter egg bug. WHAT THE FUCK, the pok├ęball just turned into an egg! I was fooled, it's on purpose and I thinking of a bug>:SD)IKJDHDIDJKMDBKHWDB HDBKBJUUUUUUUUUUUUUU